Sunday, November 16, 2008

Worship confessional

Hey guys,

It has been a while since I did a worship confessional, so here goes.

Today was a great day in worship. The band was on, we got to introduce a new singer, Rick brought great words of encouragement and love, we got to see baptisms, and our congregation got an opportunity to love our community. Let me 'splain.

Set list:
Trading My Sorrows
Come, Now is the Time to Worship
Heart of Worship

How Deep the Father's Love

Today was the first time in quite some time that I thought we (as a band and as a team) hit all our cues. Jason was reading us like a pro on Media Shout, the transitions between elements and between songs were spot on, and the stage looked great.

We had Will playing electric today. On Tuesday, for his 13th birthday (that is right, he is just 13) he got a new guitar (a semi hollow body, epiphone Wildcat with P90 pickups and an old school tremolo bar) and new amp (a really sweet sounding vox) and he put them to great use. He sounded like a pro today, and he played like a pro today.

The other cool thing today was we got to introduce a new singer to the congregation. Dana came in and we baptized her by fire, by giving her a solo. We had her sing the song that she used to audition with, "How Deep the Father's Love for Us", by Stuart Townsend. She did a great job with it.

The coming week will be exciting, because we are switching with worship team from our Greenwood campus. Diane and her team will lead worship at Melrose, and we will get to lead at Greenwood. I can't wait for that.

Later kids...

Friday, November 14, 2008


I slept last night for 7 hours in a row. So this is what it feels like to have gotten a full nights sleep. Last night I must have been so tired that not even the nightmares could wake me. Whatever it was, I am grateful. Thanks all for your prayers.

On a side note, Quantum of Solace opens today. That is exciting.

Later kids...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It's that time of year again...

I really, really don't like this time of year. Christmas I mean. I know, as a minister and follower of Jesus, I shouldn't say that. I shouldn't feel that. But I do. My dislike is not about Jesus in any way, just what the world and the church has done to it. In most cases, it is no longer about Jesus. It is about buying christmas presents, and seeing who can have the biggest tree, or who can attract the most people to see their christmas program, or who can most make their sanctuary, or worship space, or front yard, or living room, look like Hobby Lobby threw up in it. I was physically sick when I saw christmas decorations going up a month before Halloween.

*side rant*
On that note: Why is it that people expect, that because I care what WORSHIP looks like and sounds like, that I would automatically want to turn the church into "Queer Eye for the Christmas Guy" every year?
*end of side rant*

In some selfish way, I am glad for the economic crisis that is currently afflicting America. Maybe people won't be able to spend as much this year and they will spend more time with the baby and less time with the boxes. Less time with the poinsettias, and glitter and icicles and trees and twinkle lights and, do I need to go on? I think the folks at Advent Conspiracy might be closer than anyone else.

There, I feel a little better. Thanks for the encouragement, guys.

Later kids...

New Dehut artwork

One of things that I look forward to, especially after a night of nightmares, is going to my Starbucks. So I was doubly blessed when I walked in and saw a new piece of chalk art by my friend Jeff Dehut. His work is fun and always makes me smile. You can see more of his stuff at his website. Enjoy...

Another nightmare

OK, so I woke up at 4:30 again, heart pounding, pulled out of a nightmare. This one was an anxiety type dream that drove me to write a rant filled blog post about this time of year (as much as I am capable with my limited writing ability), that I am really wrestling with putting out here. Stay tuned loyal reader, and we shall see if, when my heart rate goes down, if I will have the guts to put it out here.

Am I going crazy? We will see.

Later kids...

Friday, November 7, 2008

I love my wife

My wife knows how frustrated I get with campaigners coming to the door and wearing me out with all the bad stuff that the other guy has or will do. So she solved the problem by letting Bruce answer the door during the campaign season. Here is what they saw, as they heard the "Big Boy Bark"...

And here is what we saw...

I am not sure which view was worse.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Went to a rehearsal

and church broke out. I love having a Mac laptop. It allows me to capture things in the moment, even if the quality isn't so great. As I was sitting in the Singletary center here at UK, watching the All State choir go through a dress rehearsal for this afternoons concert, I had church. I don't know if anyone else in the room experienced this or not, but I sure did. It was beautiful. I captured a little of it on iMovie. Just close your eyes and listen...

More later...