Sunday, January 27, 2008


Set list

He Set Me Free (new, rocked out bluesy version)

Trading My Sorrows
Lord Reign in Me
Let it Rise

How Firm a Foundation
Heart of Worship
East to West

Today was an incredibly difficult Sunday. I started feeling bad on Friday, and got worse on Saturday, and by this morning I had very little voice left. Thankfully, my peeps were there to get my back and make sure that it sounded good. The band was tight, as always, and the singers stepped up and covered me. For that I am thankful.

We closed out the "Creation" Series today, and Adam did a great job with it. I think people were blessed.

Next week we have a guest preaching. It is a pastor friend of Adam's from Indianapolis. After that, we start the lent series, "Famous Last Words". I will post more about that and the other cool things that we will be doing for lent later.

I feel like crap, so I am going to go lay down and watch extreme makeover.

Until next time...


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Week 4 of WW

Starting Weight - 221.4
Total lbs lost this week - 5.0
Current Weight - 202.4

Total lbs lost to date: 19.0

I have to say that I was shocked when I got on the scale this morning at WW. I went in just hoping to have lost at all. I didn't feel very good about this week. I didn't have anything to base this on, I just didn't feel good about it. I am only 3 pounds away from losing 10% of my body weight, and I have lost over 25% of my goal weight.

My son is going with me, and he got a "jewel" for having gone over 25 pounds lost. He is really doing great.

Thanks for reading. Until next time...


Sunday, January 20, 2008


Set List

My Savior Lives

Better is One Day
At the Cross

Come, Now is the Time to Worship
You Are God Alone

Let Your Love Pour Out

We had a pretty good day in worship. We introduced a couple of new songs to the congregation. The first was "My Savior Lives", a song out of New Life Worship in Colorado. It is a great opening song, especially on a cold day like today. It has a lot of energy and strong lyrics. The other new song was "Let Your Love Pour Out". This was written by a friend of mine named Marc Hendrix. I have been wanting to do this song for a long time. It is one of those songs that really touched me when Marc and I used to sing it at Hillvue, and today was a great day to do it. I have already gotten several good comments on it, and a couple of requests for copies on CD. It fit really well with the altar call that Adam gave.

And speaking of Adam, he just seems to get better and better from the pulpit. He gave a soul stirring message today that culminated in an invitation to share your brokenness on a card and bring it to the altar and then pray over it. The staff will pray over them tomorrow and then we are going to do something creative with them that will tie to the final sermon of the series. We will then take them and divide them up amongst the ministry staff and we will pray for the things that people shared on the cards. We will do this over the next few months.

I am already looking forward to next week. We are doing a new song from Casting Crowns called "East to West" which will go right along with the sermon, and also we are doing a new worship song called "Friend of God" by Michael Gungor and Israel Houghton. It is a high speed worship song that I think will be a popular addition to the rotation.

Have a great week...


Saturday, January 19, 2008

Week 3 of WW

Starting Weight - 221.4
Total lbs lost this week - 1.6
Current Weight - 207.4

Total lbs lost to date: 14.0

OK, so I got up this morning, and went to the meeting. I didn't feel very good about weighing in. I guess I should be happy with losing 1.6 pounds, but I am struggling with it. I know that sounds silly, that any loss is still loss. I can't help but think about that white mocha that I had this week, and the fact that I am not working out. So I think that I will bear down on my points this week and really make an attempt to get out on the road to run 2 or 3 times this week.

Whining over. I have lost almost 25% of my way to my goal. I am happy, and I fell better and I know that I am, at least a little bit healthier.

Until next week.

Sunday, January 13, 2008


Set list

Marvelous Light

God of Wonders
Wonderful Maker

Jesus Paid it All
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Today was day 1 of having acoustic drums in worship. We had an extended rehearsal last night with them, and I knew right away that it was a good move. There is nothing like the expression that Rick can get with REAL drums and REAL cymbals.

We had a really great day today in Worship. During the worship set, Heather brought her skills as an artist. It was really cool, she did a beautiful job. Adam talked about "Framing God's Story" and how the stories of God are one of the ways that He lets us know that He loves us. Heather's painting went right along with the graphic, that showed 2 hands making a picture frame with the earth in the middle, but her painting went on to place the earth on one end, the exodus, then the cross, followed by another globe. The symbolism of the whole of God's story was there, visually. I can't wait to hear what the congregation thought.

I think we had one of the most engaged times in worship that we have had since I have been at Broadway. During the offering time (yeah, I know) we did "Jesus Paid It All" and before we could get to verse 3, the congregation was singing, which is kind of unusual for our group. But then they stood and helped me finish the song and sang, and I mean loud. I prayed spontaneously and afterward, some sat, but most stayed standing, and when we started singing Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) they sang every word. It was beautiful. There is nothing that can bless the heart of a worship leader like hearing the congregation really sing and engage. It was awesome.

Have a great week...


Saturday, January 12, 2008

Week 2 of WW

Good morning,

This morning was the weigh in for week 2 of the journey to a healthier me. Here are the results...

Starting Weight - 221.4
Total lbs lost this week - 4.4
Current Weight - 209.0

Total lbs lost to date: 12.4

This week was a test, because the foods that we are eating are starting to look and taste the same. Also, getting all the points in has been a challenge at times.
I did discover that a small Starbucks White Mocha with nonfat milk and no whip cream, is only 6 points which once a week is well worth the points.

Well, it's off to get ready for rehearsal. I can't wait for tomorrow.

Till then...


Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I have had enough

OK, so I have now entered the weight watchers nation. I have, in the last 2 years, put on 40 pounds. I have for the last 6 months or so, been having a really hard time with my voice. I don't have the stamina vocally that I used to have and I have lost several steps in my range. I am also having numbness in my hands that I am sure is from my extra weight.

So here is the deal, I am going to use this blog to keep myself accountable, and I would covet your prayers. I will check in after each of our weigh ins on Saturday mornings.

Weigh in last Saturday...

Starting Weight - 221.4
Current Weight - 213.4
Total lbs lost to date: 8.0

I know that this is not typical, but I was kinda happy with it.

Until next week...


Sunday, January 6, 2008


Set List

I Am Free
How Great is Our God
Everlasting God
I Stand Amazed
Wonderful Maker
Just As I Am
O Come Let Us Adore Him

We were down 2 of our regular players today. Both of our keyboardists were gone. It felt really wierd but, it it went really well. I have the best group of people that I get to lead worship with. Another really cool thing that we had today was that during the introduction and first half of Adam's sermon, we used clips from "Planet Earth" and the opening sequence from the Jodie Foster movie "Contact". This was the first time that we couldn't put our entire MediaShout script on a DVD. We had over 7Gb of video today. And I remember when I thought that a 100 Mb hard drive would hold the world.

This week we are going to be doing something during worship that hasn't been done at our church before, and I am very excited about it. Tune in next week to find out more about it.