Monday, January 31, 2011

New set design

Greetings friends,

I wanted to share our new set design, and a little about how we built it. The set took 4 days to put together, and is built entirely out of over 200 cardboard boxes. They are stacked and glued together along the upstage wall which is 36 feet wide, and as high up as we could reach, which is 24 feet from the top down to the deck.

The longest part of the build was actually putting the boxes together, the bulk of which were put together by my son Andrew and a volunteer named Rose (a very sweet little Italian lady).

Here are a few pics from the box party.

My friend Butch brought an industrial glue gun and over 6 hours, we stacked the boxes. Here are some pictures during the build.

After all the boxes were stacked and glued, my son Aaron and I set about lighting the stage. We used 6 LED panels, and 4 bars. They are inexpensive American DJ fixtures, but they work well in our space, and besides, use what you have, right? Aaron did all the programming and I focused and helped mix color. Here is the final set look. I am really pleased by how it came out.