Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Good morning from beautiful downtown Bowling Green. I am sitting in one of my favorite places this morning, Spencer's Coffee Shop on the square. I really should move my office down here. I get so much more done here. I think it is because I love to be around people in a downtown setting. I am the type of person who could work on a street corner in New York City, because the hustle and bustle has a calming effect on me.

My children are starting what is a long day of 3 performances of "Huck Finn" today at the Public Theatre of Kentucky (www.ptkbg.org/). The theatre is a passion for my middle son, who wants to be an actor when he graduates. If you are in BG and are looking for something to do, go see the show this weekend.

I better get back to work.

See you in His presence...


Jennifer Coomer said...

The other day I was visiting a friend and her dad said he taught one of your kids. His name is Mr. Yule (I'm not trying to be formal. I just can't think of his full name). I told him I go to Broadway and that's how it came up.

Anonymous said...

Louis, Glad to see your blog entries back. Have missed them. Your solo Sunday was awesome.Thank you. Janice Coomer