Monday, July 13, 2009

Just not going to be the same

Today is the funeral for my friend, Dean Maggard. Dean was a long time member of the church I currently serve, and was one of the sweetest, talking-est people I knew. He was great. Deep baritone voice, contagious laugh, big smile that you couldn't chisel off. He used to say that he had a voice and a face for radio, and that the reason he liked me was I had the same.

When we do a series of messages that are tied to Wednesday night gatherings, we call that a super series. For me, the best part of doing a super series was getting to the Wednesday night component early, before the meal started, and sitting at the table with Dean. We would sit and laugh, mostly making fun of each other and our wives. Wednesday nights will not be the same without my friend Dean. The room of 200 people or so will seem empty.

Rest in Peace my friend. We will see you later...


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Janice of fancy farmerete said...

Dean always helped keep John "In check" at the 8:15. God certainly knows what He is doing when He puts people in the world like Dean. Thanks for sharing your love for Dean.

Print Maggard said...

Thank you, Dean was my father, and thanks to him I love hearing people laugh and smile and have a good time. There are indeed worse ways to go through life.

I occasionally google my dad when I am missing him, I cannot express in words how nice it was to read your blog entry about him. Thank you.

Robert Print Maggard