Tuesday, August 17, 2010

8.17.10 6:30am

Today is Jenny's birthday. I can not explain how much being married to her makes me a better man. She puts up with me a lot more than she should, and that is a gift. I hope today is a great day for her.

Last night when we came home after class, Jenny found a recliner in her office. It was from her sons for her birthday today. She is always looking for a comfortable place to read, and they saw it at goodwill and bought it for her. Those boys love their momma.

Happy birthday my love...

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Robert said...

HEY THERE, i KNOW THIS IS AWFUL LATE BUT, Happy Belated birthday to Jenny. Pastor Louie, greetings from you r cuz in California, hope all is well, drop me a line sometime. Email address is rtagliaboschi@gmail.com