Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Good morning,

As I sit here typing, I am wondering why I got so up set over the last 3 working days because we didn't have access to the Internet. I didn't realize how dependent on my connection to the internet I really am. I just about lost my mind when I couldn't check my email, or go looking for just the right video ( what I found, didn't work. we will work that out in therapy later).

Completely unrelated to the above sadness, I haven't slept well since Friday. I am not sure what is the problem. This morning I awoke from a very restless night of pseudo-sleep with my shoulder really hurting and a brain fog befitting me of my former life. I don't know... just pray that tonight, I will sleep hard. Tomorrow is my longest day of the month, due to Kid's Zone Live and rehearsal afterward. Once I get through that, I should be good, though.

I will write more later.

See you in His presence...

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