Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sunday set list 6.21.09

Happy Father's Day.

Today was one of those days where I woke up late and kind of rushed to get out the door. On of those days when I hoped I hadn't left a gap unshaved on my head or face. A day where one of my vocalists, who happens to be our children's pastor, calls me and tells me he can't sing because his host for this morning is sick. A day where one of our camera ops doesn't show up and we have to put a new guy in the booth with one of the graphics computers. Sounds like a horrible day, huh?

Not at all. It was wonderful. We got to do an extra song, happy fathers day to me, and we got to hear from one of the great seasoned men of our church. All in all, no major distractions, and the congregation sang out strong, even with our numbers down just a little. I went without my in ears monitors today, and I am glad I did. My son Andrew was running FOH, and he had a really good mix today. I could hear well, and I coiuld hear the congregation too. I got a couple of compliments on his mix this morning. He is Awesome.

Here is how the day went...

"My Savior Lives"
"Mighty to Save"

Welcome, and set up
Father and Son mini testimony and prayer

"Marvelous Light"
"My Jesus, I Love Thee/Tis So Sweet" Bart Millard arrangement

Message (Our Associate Pastor, Adam, preached at our campus today, and our Senior Pastor was at our Greenwood Campus)

Announcements and Offering prayer
"Your Grace, Still Amazes Me"


Later Kids...

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steff said...

Totally awesome! Don't you just love it when a day that looks like it could be a complete mess, ends up perfectly? Sounds like a great Father's Day.

dennarr said...

I totally relate - the fact that the Holy Spirit works what I think is a jumbled mess into a blessed service never ceases to amaze AND humble me.

Love the set list. "Your Grace..." is a powerful song. There is an Igniter video of the song ( that I muted the music on, added a solo track to, and my pastor and I sing it as a special at least once a year - powerful. I usually have a hard time getting through it w/o chocking up at the end...