Sunday, January 13, 2008


Set list

Marvelous Light

God of Wonders
Wonderful Maker

Jesus Paid it All
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)

Today was day 1 of having acoustic drums in worship. We had an extended rehearsal last night with them, and I knew right away that it was a good move. There is nothing like the expression that Rick can get with REAL drums and REAL cymbals.

We had a really great day today in Worship. During the worship set, Heather brought her skills as an artist. It was really cool, she did a beautiful job. Adam talked about "Framing God's Story" and how the stories of God are one of the ways that He lets us know that He loves us. Heather's painting went right along with the graphic, that showed 2 hands making a picture frame with the earth in the middle, but her painting went on to place the earth on one end, the exodus, then the cross, followed by another globe. The symbolism of the whole of God's story was there, visually. I can't wait to hear what the congregation thought.

I think we had one of the most engaged times in worship that we have had since I have been at Broadway. During the offering time (yeah, I know) we did "Jesus Paid It All" and before we could get to verse 3, the congregation was singing, which is kind of unusual for our group. But then they stood and helped me finish the song and sang, and I mean loud. I prayed spontaneously and afterward, some sat, but most stayed standing, and when we started singing Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) they sang every word. It was beautiful. There is nothing that can bless the heart of a worship leader like hearing the congregation really sing and engage. It was awesome.

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