Sunday, March 9, 2008


Set List

Everlasting God

Beautiful One
Spirit Song

Give Us Clean Hands

Today was my first time leading worship in 2 weeks. It was great to be back leading. Today was time change Sunday, so a lot of people were either late , or didn't make it at all. The people who were there sang out though. Also, it was good to have Rick back in the Pulpit. He is back just in time to finish up the "Famous Last Words" series. This week he talked about commitment. He did a great job.

I am still having a lot of trouble with my voice though. I am now going on 5 weeks of this crap. It is driving me crazy. I am going to try to get an appointment with an ENT here in town that I have seen before with my voice problems.

This week I will be getting the prayer path ready. I will be writing a lot and recording the voice overs. Until next time...