Sunday, March 16, 2008


Set list

Wonderful Cross 

Here I Am to Worship
We Fall Down
At The Cross

Mighty is the Power of the Cross

Today was a really sweet day in worship.  I think that worship for today started on Wednesday night when we were in rehearsal.  As we were doing At the Cross, the Holy Spirit showed up and we had CHURCH.  It was great, an just shows that our worship team can really worship, an we don't need a crowd to do it.  
We started today off with the congregation singing out (I can usually tell in the first song if they are going to sing with us or not).  We baptized 2 babies and then went right into a really well received worship set.  I think that Here I Am to Worship is one of our congregation's favorite songs.  They always sing loudly with it.  It blesses the whole team's heart when they sing with us.  
Today was also cool, because Rick wasn't traveling.  He was in the room from the beginning, and that allowed the team to relax a little I think.  They knew they didn't have to worry about whether he would make it back before we had to go to a back-up song.
Rick brought a great semi close to the sermon series.  After the sermon, I got to do something that I haven't gotten to do in a while.  Do a song with Wendell.  It was just the 2 of us on Mighty is the Power of the Cross.  I love singing with Wendell.  He reads me and my sometimes different way of getting through a song.  He and I just click like that.

I can not wait for Easter next week.  Check out the graphic that Jenny did...

I like the juxtaposition with the difference between "Famous Last Words" and Famous First Word.  (Can you guess the first word?)

I will post more later about the Prayer Path.  Right now I have to go and finish the mix-down of the voiceovers.

Until next time...


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