Sunday, March 23, 2008


Set List

I Can't Stop Praising Your Name

My Redeemer Lives
My Savior Lives

You Raise Me Up
Holy Holy Holy (hymn)
Holy Holy Holy

Saturday and Sunday Easter Services ROCKED!

I have to tell you, last night and this morning Rocked. We had a choir up with us, and the energy that they added to the team was infectious. They came in, and adapted to using microphones instead of choir mic's. They are amazing. They worshiped and laughed and sang their hearts out.

The other stand out for me was our tech guys. They stepped up and did a great job. On Saturday night, we had 2 of our regulars out, and the rest of the team stepped up and did a great job.

I love getting to worship. It is both an honor and privilege to lead worship along side the great worship leaders in the contemporary worship ministry. They are the best.

I am going to bed. I am exhausted. This week I will be traveling to West Virginia for a few days of rest, and rehearsal. I will be staying with my friend Tom, who is going to be leading worship with me at our Greenwood campus this coming weekend. I will be back on Thursday afternoon.

Until next time...



jason said...

your entire team did a tremendous job. and your suit was STRAIGHT G.

have good rest brother! I'll be praying for your rest and refreshment.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Louis!

I have missed you at the Creative Ministries Festival! It is great to see how wonderful God is blessing you.

Write me and we'll catch up:

Sorry I can't figure out how to sign my name....Kelly