Sunday, October 5, 2008

Under the Radar

This is the Sunday morning MAC tech team in it's current form. These are "my guys": Mike (Bucky), Jason (The Ninja), Chad (Chad Norris), Aaron (the Runt), Duncan (D Mill), and Andrew (aka Andrew). People see the fruit of their work every Sunday. People don't see, and don't often think about, the enormous effort they put out. They are often unnoticed because most people never stop to think about the investment required to do what they do every Sunday.

You may not know the names, but I will guarantee that you have been blessed by the service.

You might be one who serves without applause or public notice. You have flown under the radar without thanks.

But God has not missed one single moment. He sees the roll you guys have played in His story. God smiles and is blessed by you. When you live out His story in your life through your service to His people, you are truly living out "His will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven".

Stay faithful. You matter...

I am proud to serve with you...

1 comment:

Shirley said...

I, for one, appreciate all you guys do. One of these days I hope to make it to the contemporary service.