Thursday, November 23, 2006


Good morning,

Happy Thanksgiving. About a month ago, we were led in devotion by our Financial secretary Mary Ann. During this devotion she had us write down some of the things that we are thankful for. She took them up, and yesterday she put them back in our mailboxes. As I looked at them, I was struck by what I wrote. I truly am thankful for my wife, and my children. I have a loving wife who puts up with me in all my stupid-ness and children who actually enjoy being around me. What else could I ask for. The other thing on my list was my work. I couldn't have a better job. I get to work in what is my call, with people who I adore and are passionate about seeing people connected to Jesus. I enjoy going to work. I know that not many people can say that, and for that I am blessed.

I am so excited about this Sunday in Worship for 2 reasons. First, a young man that I think a lot of is going to be helping me lead worship. His name is Tyler and he is a great young man. He will be doing the Call to Worship and the offering as well. The songs that he will be doing are new to the congregation, but are very worshipful and I think that they will be received well. The second thing I am excited about is that we have a new acoustic guitar player this weekend. It is our lead pastor, Rick. He is not preaching, and asked if he could play with us. Now, I knew that he could play guitar, but I had no idea that he was as good as he is. He is what I call a "Picker" which is a good thing. It will be fun to have him up there with us, and worshiping with him.

Well, I better get the turkey basted (sp?). Have a great turkey day.

See you in His presence...

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Jennifer Coomer said...

I'll tell you a little secret about our friend, Pastor Rick, in college he was in a band. We have the vinyl.