Wednesday, August 20, 2008

2 reasons why I love my church.

This is a picture of my friend Duncan (He is the one with the thumbs up). He is a sophomore in High School, and good student, runner and a member of the media team here at Broadway. This picture is from the first night of the fall season of our Student Ministry called Rhythm. Duncan serves every Sunday running camera for our 9:30 service, and whenever he can, he helps me with lighting. He also is a member of the cast of our Kid's Zone Live children and family worship time. He is a great kid, and an example of how youth should live out their lives.

I say all that to say that 2 of the reasons that I love my church is 1) I get to work alongside people like Duncan, and 2) We have a Student Ministry that loves our kids, and lets them know how much God loves them, and also gives them a solid foundation in their faith. The bulk of our Sunday morning tech crew is either currently involved, or have recently graduated from the Student Ministry and are headed to college. They are prepared for life and for ministry.

That is just 2 reasons why I love my church.


Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

do you mean to tell me there was a fire truck at messy games??!?!?!?!

Louis Tagliaboschi said...

Oh yes I do mean to tell you that. Jason Brown is the MAN.

jason said...

well, I'm not sure if I am the man - but there was a fire truck at Messy Games...and it did hose down our students.

it was really awesome...kind of like this blog post ;)