Sunday, September 21, 2008

9.21.08 setlist

Today we finished our sermon series, Soul Life, with an opportunity to live into the spiritual practice of "Service". It was a shortened service, in order to give everyone time to visit our ministry fair, and to meet the ministers and volunteers that help in that ministry. Our set list looked like this...

Beautiful One
Here I Am to Worship

You Are My King (offering)

I told you it was shortened. Even so, I thought that it was a good morning of worship. The congregation sang along with us, and was very attentive to Rick's sermon. Afterward, we had a lot of people come to the fair, and several new people signed in to get involved. I thought Cindy did a great job putting it together. We even had a visit from "Broadway" the clown to attract and play with the children, and make lots of great balloon animals and such. (Broadway the Clown is a local guy, Nick Wilkins, that actually went to clown college and runs a costume shop here, and he doesn't attend Broadway UMC, he just happens to have the same name... Clowns)

I’m posting my Sunday Setlist in collaboration with other worshipers at the Sunday Setlists blog carnival at Check out how others worshipped the King @

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