Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Ninja

OK, so I know this post is a little late. I had a long day yesterday. Anyway... Yesterday was my friend Jason's birthday. Jason is the MediaShout king at Broadway. He makes all the scripts, around 5 to 6 completely different ones every week. He runs the scripts on Sunday mornings, and sometimes runs 2 machines at the same time for 2 different venues. He is an amazing young man. He doesn't say much, but he is always there. Jason is the most quiet guy I know. We call him the Ninja around the tech ministry, because the only way you find out that Jason is around is when he walks up behind you and pops the top on his always present Dr Pepper. The first hundred times he did it to me I nearly jumped out of my skin.

And Dr. Pepper brings us to the theme of the day for Jason. Every one around Broadway knows about Jason and his DP. So when we arrived at the church at our normal 6am, there was already 2 cases of DP in the refrigerator in the booth under his desk, 2 at the tech booth in the Sanctuary, and 1 sitting on the stage in the MAC. It was at this point, my son Andrew brought out the ultimate Dr. Pepper gift... DP Cupcakes. Below you will see pictures and a video of what came next for him. I hope the rest of his day was great. His church family came together to let him know that he is important to us

The aforementioned Dr. Pepper Cupcakes...

Jason... scarfing

For all you Pyro's out there, here is the fire section of the post. Andrew placed 25 candles on a single, Dr. Pepper cupcake.

And finally, a serenade in G (really) FLAT

Happy Birthday my Friend. I hope it was great.

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Jennifer of Dog.Yarn.Knit. said...

WHERE did you get DP cupcakes???? I MUST have some!

Um, by-the-way, that song we sang by John Comer? What?? My family was cracking up. Someone came up to Dad after church & said something to him about writing that song. And they were serious.